Independent Logistics Consultants vs. Systems Integrators (Pt. 3)

In part three of this series, we discuss how the methodology of independent logistics consultants and a systems integrator may differ when it comes to objectivity in system design.

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Independent Logistics Consultants vs. Systems Integrators (Pt. 2)

Part two of this series examines some of the important questions that drive facility design decisions and how an independent logistics consultant like Sedlak Management Consultants, Inc., brings a depth and breadth of knowledge to guide the best-fit and most cost-efficient solutions for the client.

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Independent Logistics Consultants vs. Systems Integrators (Pt. 1)

Although systems integrators position themselves as single-source suppliers of distribution solutions, the increasingly complex nature of supply chains demands the broader scope of experience and unbiased methodologies of the independent logistics consultant. This five-part series addresses key questions and essential factors that make the choice of partner clear.

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Supply Chain’s Role in Driving Growth

At Sedlak Management Consultants we believe that a well-planned and well executed supply chain should be a key asset in driving the overall growth and success of a company. Cost and efficiency are important, but providing services and enabling sales by being in stock and able to get product into customer’s hands when and where they want it is a key part of supporting sales growth. 

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