Sedlak Applauds Patagonia for $10M Black Friday Donation

November 30, 2016 Topics: Announcements, News

We certainly weren't surprised when we saw the headline that Patagonia was donating 100% of its Black Friday sales this year to grassroots environmental groups it supports. “We worked for Patagonia for many years, and it completely changed my life,” says Sedlak vice president Jeff Mueller. “Their outlook on the environment and all the small ways people can help preserve and protect it really changed the way I think about my day-to-day choices.”

Patagonia shared its environmentally conscious mindset with Sedlak as far back as 1994 when we were engaged to help design their new service/fulfillment center in Reno, Nevada. Patagonia's executives demanded that the design cause the least amount of harm to the environment, be highly energy efficient, include construction waste recycling, and avoid the use of old growth lumber.  Our team led the design and project management for the implementation of the original building on the site of an old lumber mill, as well as a planned expansion (which doubled size of facility) ten years later. Sustainable design throughout earned the facility gold level LEED certification.

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