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Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

A Warehouse Management System, also known as a WMS, is an IT system responsible for managing inventory and fulfillment center operations from receiving through shipping. A WMS commonly includes order allocation and wave management.

Warehouse Execution Systems (WES)

A Warehouse Execution System, also called a WES, is an IT system responsible for managing and optimizing the flow of work through a fulfillment or distribution center. A WES includes balancing labor and equipment resources to achieve efficiencies throughout a facility.

Warehouse Control Systems (WCS)

A Warehouse Control System, also known as a WCS, is the system responsible for controlling material handling equipment, especially as it relates to PLC level functions, conveyor flow control and operations such as routing containers on the conveyor.

Labor Management Systems (LMS)

A Labor Management System, also called an LMS, is the system that captures, tracks and reports key operational data related to labor functions in near real-time to monitor progress against planned objectives. This includes all labor hours expended in the warehouse for tasks monitored.

Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

A Transportation Management System, also known as a TMS, is a logistics platform that uses information systems to help businesses plan, execute and optimize the physical movement of goods between facilities, both incoming and outgoing and to make sure shipments are compliant with transportation regulations.

Order Management Systems (OMS)

An Order Management System, also called an OMS, not only supports all stages of your company’s sales process, from order creation through customer delivery; it also makes quick work of logistics challenges inherent in an omnichannel world. A key benefit of an OMS is it provides a single, centralized system for managing orders from all sales channels: store, web, call center, mobile and kiosk.

Yard Management System (YMS)

A Yard Management System, also called a YMS, is a software solution designed to monitor the movement of trailers in the yards of facilities, distribution centers or warehouses, and to make the most efficient use of both inbound and outbound trailer docks.


In this episode of the Unboxing Fulfillment podcast, host Harry Drajpuch interviews David Teeple, Director of Client Services at Sedlak Supply Chain Consultants. Sedlak is a comprehensive supply chain and distribution logistics advisory firm that has been in business since 1958.

Sedlak maintains relationships with a number of key suppliers, which include integrators, third party logistics providers, and providers of material handling equipment and storage media, information technology, robotics, real estate, and construction. We work with these suppliers in order to keep our staff abreast of vendor capabilities, product offerings, industry news, and to obtain competitive […]

Having critical financial and operational data will ensure that your company has the data necessary to operate as effectively as possible. That’s why Easy Metrics developed their OpsFM (Operations Financial Management) platform.

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All Things WES: Answers to Common Questions

One of the most confusing and misunderstood technologies, which has been a buzz word for several years now, is the Warehouse Execution System, or WES. In today’s world, E-commerce operations have continually increased in both percentage of many retailer’s businesses, and demands for reducing order cycle times (commonly referred to as the “click-to-ship” metric). IT systems that address these challenges and also optimize the flow of work through their fulfillment systems have become a critical need for the Retail industry.

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