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Facility Planning and Design: Our “Sweet Spot”

For more than 65 years, Sedlak has built its reputation on designing facilities and operations across all industries. Facility planning and design continue to be the “sweet spot” of our business. We thoroughly understand the challenges of today’s fast-paced, consumer-driven, multi-channel environment and provide distribution facility and operations solutions that deliver remarkable results.


Micro-fulfillment has taken off in the past several years, but what about hyper-local fulfillment? Can your company take advantage of this growing trend?

We’re all seeing how modular construction is becoming more and more of a requirement on many job sites. It makes sense: contractors pre-assemble components in a controlled manufacturing environment, which improves quality, and delivers them to the project ready-to-install.

If your business is preparing for the common holiday peak, time is running out to take the proper measures. Using a few familiar concepts, we can help quickly deploy a flexible, effective solution that will assist a number of our clients as they face so many unknowns in 2021.

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Bring Goods to the Worker: What You Should Know About Goods-to-Person Fulfillment

Distribution executives are increasingly looking for more efficient solutions to minimize wasted time between picks and increase the number of orders processed per person. Not surprisingly, many of them are embracing a goods-to-person fulfillment approach to achieve higher efficiencies.

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