Supply Chain and Logistics

Sedlak helps develop supply chains that are flexible, scalable, agile and unique to each client’s individual needs. Our management consulting analyses and recommendations focus on Network Strategy, Inventory Planning & Optimization, Omni-Channel Fulfillment and Transportation Management.

Facility and Operations Design

Sedlak has built an unsurpassed body of knowledge and experience in designing facilities and operations for distribution-intensive environments. Our management consulting and engineering experts employ a fully collaborative methodology, precision data analytics, intelligent use of technology and a focus on process improvement to achieve operational efficiency, targeted service levels and satisfactory return on investment.

IT Systems and Solutions

Sedlak takes a business-oriented approach to information systems in order to enable holistic solutions. We maintain independent, working relationships with major systems providers to stay abreast of industry trends and solutions development. We have worked with off-shelf, custom and legacy applications in hundreds of environments of all sizes and complexities.

Project Support

Based on six decades of effective project management, Sedlak has become extremely knowledgeable in identifying how teams must collaborate to meet objectives and enable successful project completion. Sedlak’s project management methodology facilitates active client participation and uses appropriate project and change management tools to ensure stakeholder alignment and effective decision-making.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Logistics, distribution and delivery are key components to customer service for any client. If a client decides to outsource some or all of a logistics operation, Sedlak works with them to find the right third-party logistics provider to handle the job. Our management consultants also help 3PLs optimize their operations, systems and overall network strategy.

Industries Served

Sedlak employs a team of seasoned management consulting resources with expertise across a variety of applications and industries, including Retail & CPG, Wholesale, 3PL and Healthcare/Life Sciences.

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White Paper:

The Time Has Come to Consider Robots in Your Distribution Operation

For a few years now, we have been hearing about the future of robots in distribution centers and the roles they would play. The fact of the matter is, until very recently, we could not recommend robots to our clients because systems, controls, and applications were just not mature enough, and we couldn’t show them a real-life example of a happy customer with robots deployed. There were a few exceptions, but it was difficult to show the ROI and justification for systems that seemed expensive and experimental. Now things are different. The time has come to consider robots in your distribution operations.

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