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We offer solutions for creating an agile supply chain

With 65+ years of supply chain experience, Sedlak is a global leader in supply chain consulting. We take a holistic approach to balancing distribution, merchandise flow and transportation and, at the same time, blend people, processes and technology. In turn, we help develop supply chains that are agile, unique to each client’s individual needs, efficient, responsive and drive the lowest total cost of ownership.


Network Strategy

Network optimization is one of our core competencies and integral to our firm, comprising 25-30 percent of our business. Our comprehensive analysis addresses your entire business and optimizes for cost, service levels, risk, impact on inventory, product flow and capacity in support of long-term growth.

Sedlak provides unparalleled expertise in the tools, functions and impacts of network design. We bring unique, creative alternatives that challenge the status quo. Our scenario analyses and recommendations are based on the end-to-end supply chain experience.

Inventory Planning & Optimization

Inventory Planning and Optimization is a core component of our supply chain consulting services and integrally connected to our base business and client focus. We deal with inventory issues routinely as part of sizing facilities, determining MHE needs and developing logistics networks. Our resources are skilled in the analysis and tools needed to determine the ideal flow of product, best stocking levels and locations, and overall supply chain enhancement.

Sedlak has proven methods and tools to enable “right product, right place, right time” needs. We assist our clients in formulating strategies for the improvement of product flow and balancing inventory for desired customer service levels.

Omni-channel Fulfillment

Sedlak’s omni-channel design services are grounded in the customer’s journey across channels through distribution alignment and strategic inventory deployment. Our analyses concentrate on leveraging the distribution network, retail store fulfillment capabilities, and integrated technologies, as well as optimizing transportation costs (including same-day and “last mile” delivery), order management, order crediting, and reverse logistics with clearly defined performance metrics.

Our strategy development focuses on existing and potential client capabilities to leverage economies of scale, process synergies, and prioritized deployment of initiatives to maximize return on investment and create a seamless customer experience. Sedlak’s in-depth experience in retail operations and inventory optimization ensures an actionable omnichannel roadmap that supports corporate objectives.

Transportation Management

Sedlak’s transportation experts have robust industry, service provider, and consulting experience and a thorough knowledge of the analyses, tools, and strategies to optimize operations. Our team performs activity analyses to identify improvement opportunities and executes strategies to realize targeted service levels and cost savings. Sedlak’s holistic approach considers the entire supply chain, so improvements in transportation are not at the expense of other logistics functions.

Sedlak provides transportation consulting and advisory services to shippers, receivers, carriers and 3PL providers.  We improve operations to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve service levels.

Facility Design and Optimization, IT Solutions, Project Support and 3PL Support round out the list of supply chain consulting services Sedlak offers.


As a supply chain professional, you need to better understand how current automation movements can impact your business. This video,  which is a recorded session from Sedlak’s 2023 virtual event series, Balancing People, Systems and Automation, looks at which processes are being automated within the supply chain, as well as the importance of data, and […]

It was great to see that ProMat was so well attended this year! After the past few years it was good to reconnect with friends and colleagues.

Blogs 1 and 2 of this series primarily focused on longer term options to improve overall supply chain agility through Network Optimization Modeling and the incorporation of Automation. Unfortunately, with few exceptions such as acquiring AMRs, these options can take 12-24 months to implement to provide the desired level of benefit and agility for your […]

White Paper

Structuring the Supply Chain for Growth: Helping Medical Products Manufacturers Thrive

Widespread disruptive change in the healthcare industry is forcing medical product manufacturers to take a fresh, critical look at how their supply chain networks must respond to cost pressures and shifting patterns of supply and demand. In this white paper, we explore the overarching trends that are upending the healthcare supply chain; why a formal network design capability is becoming essential to medical product manufacturers’ competitiveness and growth; and how manufacturers can develop a strategic design capability to position themselves for success.

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