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When selecting a TMS, it is paramount to partner with one that best fits your needs to realize that ROI.  Organizations with a low domestic freight spend but high international shipment volume need a Tier 1 TMS.

TMS is hot right now, and it has shippers and 3PLs excited. Competition among top TMS providers and new entrants have yielded better tools and reduced product costs.

The modern supply chain has never experienced a crisis quite like the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s rare to see countrywide company shutdowns.

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Demystifying Freight Spend: How Shippers can Get a Better Handle on Their Carriers

Transportation is a critical element of a company's overall supply chain and plays a major role in customer satisfaction. But it's also a major cost center. This makes effective management of transportation all the more vital to a company's profitability. However, carrier rates and other charges can be incredibly complex, making it extremely difficult for a shipper to truly know what it's paying--and why.

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