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Distribution Strategy and the Changing Dynamics of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain (Part 1)

With the fabric of healthcare distribution in flux, the challenge for pharmaceutical distribution executives is how to leverage distribution infrastructure to reduce costs, but maintain the flexibility needed to mitigate risk across the supply chain. In this five-part series we discuss dynamics in pharmaceutical distribution, market shifts impacting pharmaceutical distribution, optimizing distribution processes, key components of a distribution network assessment and leveraging a broader perspective.

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The Nemesis of Supply Chain Data: From Obscure and Disorderly to Visible and Aligned

Data is a four letter word - especially to supply chain practitioners across most industries. Data is that unmentionable thing we all love to hate but hate to ignore. Data epitomizes the old adage of “garbage in, garbage out.”  From a visibility perspective, it’s usually all about the data!

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Maintaining Momentum: Rapid Isokinetics in Supply Chain Strategy

Here are our top four takeaways for supply chain and logistics managers from the Manhattan Associates Momentum conference.

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Supply Chain IT in Healthcare: Staying in the Eye of the Storm

In highly changing environments like healthcare, the organizations that are most successful in the long term are the ones that learn how to adapt and evolve - especially in the areas of processes and systems. 

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Is Your Healthcare Supply Chain Network Ready to Adapt?

It seems evident that everything in the healthcare industry is changing – customer profiles, number and size of suppliers, product characteristics, service requirements, transportation needs, etc. As a result, the ability to quickly and efficiently perform a supply chain network “optimization” analysis is becoming increasingly relevant.  

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Supply Chain’s Role in Driving Growth

At Sedlak Management Consultants we believe that a well-planned and well executed supply chain should be a key asset in driving the overall growth and success of a company. Cost and efficiency are important, but providing services and enabling sales by being in stock and able to get product into customer’s hands when and where they want it is a key part of supporting sales growth. 

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