Success Stories

Large Academic Healthcare Institution

The client is one of the largest academic institutions in the U.S., specializing in advanced biomedical research and graduate-level education in healthcare and the life sciences. It operates multiple patient care facilities, including nationally ranked hospitals. 

Project Objectives/Challenges

Client experienced changes in parcel delivery strategies that were driving significant volume increases in last mile delivery, potentially exceeding the capacity of the existing fleet. Delivery profiles and service requirements also were shifting and complicating the volume increases. Management needed a means by which to understand capacity constraints and the extent of capital investment needed to maintain service levels.

What Sedlak Did

Assessed current transportation fleet delivery processes, schedules and capacities.

Documented existing transportation fleet labor and distribution capacities.

Analyzed the timing and extent of last mile delivery increases.

Developed a transportation fleet analysis tool and simulated capacity based on various fleet scheduling approaches and equipment configurations.


Developed a transition plan regarding the changes needed to accommodate last mile delivery requirements.

Recommended process changes, new material handling tools and equipment modifications that allowed for improved cube utilization.

Developed requirements and timings for the addition of vehicles to meet volume growth.

Trained client stakeholders on the analysis/simulation tool so that they could evaluate future planning scenarios autonomously.

Sedlak's analyses and recommendations dramatically reduced the need for new transportation vehicles and delayed the necessary capital expenditure for the smaller number of vehicles that were eventually required.

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