Wholesale Distribution Network Optimization

Wholesale Distribution Network Optimization

Supply chain management excellence through distribution network optimization  

Wholesale distribution networks face frequent change. Whether it’s a new acquisition or market, a shift in customer demand or supplier sourcing, or a need for consolidation, your network is an evolving entity that can support or hinder business growth. A truly optimized distribution network can address change while offering significant advantages:

  • Maintain or improve customer service while reducing inbound and outbound transportation costs, inventory levels and carrying costs, and fixed and variable costs
  • Achieve an ideal balance between the total number of distribution centers and their geographic locations relative to customer demand
  • Ensure capacity by prescribing an ideal size, purpose and configuration for each distribution center
  • Anticipate seasonal peaks and business changes with infrastructure and operational flexibility

Unparalleled Expertise in the Tools, Functions and Impacts of Distribution Network Design

Sedlak has conducted network analyses in support of wholesale distribution planning since the 1960s; our work has addressed networks of all sizes and complexities for wholesalers across the market spectrum. Our experts have a deep knowledge of network design that helps our clients understand the models and develop creative alternatives that challenge the status quo and address all critical aspects of your distribution operations. We focus on strategy, not just models, to fully support your business objectives while minimizing your distribution costs.

We utilize the industry’s most sophisticated tools and methodologies, and can scale our analyses to address your most specific questions or your broadest strategy needs. Our analysts can compile and analyze data in various forms and from multiple systems, and use predictive analysis to determine your business’ future infrastructure requirements. We also can employ “What If” analyses to illustrate the specific tradeoffs and impacts of alternate network configurations.

As an end-to-end supply chain advisory firm, Sedlak’s professionals also can convert your network strategy into tactical plans for deployment and fully support implementation within the prescribed timeframe.

Wholesale Distribution Network Optimization Services

  • Distribution network design
  • Fulfillment strategy evaluation and design
  • Capacity studies
  • Consolidation analyses
  • Location analysis and site selection
  • Transportation optimization
  • Inventory deployment and flow strategies
  • Statistical KPI development and performance assessment

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