Healthcare Provider Distribution Operations Improvements

Healthcare Provider Distribution Operations Improvements

Achieive supply chain management excellence through operations improvements

Provider/IDN distribution process improvements involve very different characteristics depending on a provider’s size and geographic dispersion. Throughput in any stock keeping/distribution environment by item/material helps define process improvement opportunities in conjunction with other item characteristics. No matter what the scale of the operation, product reliability, security and integrity remain paramount. Economies of scale and efficiency of operations are mined wherever feasible, while slower moving items are managed as effectively as possible via a variety of material handling techniques.

All too often healthcare providers operate out of distribution locations that are outdated, inefficient, or disproportionally scaled to accommodate current business requirements; some don’t even have appropriate dock doors to facilitate material deliveries. For these companies, it is crucial to address potential issues and constraints before they impact profitability, service levels and, ultimately, patient outcomes.

Sedlak’s professional advisors are among the world’s most experienced and recognized experts in identifying and implementing pragmatic opportunities for improvement. Our approach focuses on the data and the processes of the operation in a way that leverages technologies when and where needed and limits the frustration of over-engineering with unnecessary bells and whistles. 

Sedlak Delivers Operational Success and Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Sedlak has helped healthcare providers achieve operational successes that result in higher profit margins, reduced operating costs and increased customer satisfaction through process improvement, inventory efficiencies and prudent capital deployment. Our experts evaluate every aspect of your operations, from space utilization to material handling processes to equipment and IT systems to your workforce, and compare your operational metrics to industry benchmarks where they exist.

Our assessment process is designed to identify key operational challenges, uncover potential savings and build a business case for any modifications to your facility layouts, systems, labor, utilities, transportation and inventory. Our recommendations are sound and practical – we don’t seek change for the mere sake of change – and our assessment report will prioritize solutions based on cost, benefits and ease of implementation. It will also provide steps for execution. We have helped clients streamline their distribution processes, increase efficiencies and capacities, achieve higher productivity levels, reduce costs, and even extend the useful life of their facilities.

For healthcare providers interested in implementing a formal labor management program, our experts conduct time studies and develop engineered standards and standard operating procedures for each operational activity. We can help you implement a labor management system (LMS) for tracking and reporting.

Healthcare Provider Distribution Operations Improvements Services

  • Facility/operational assessments
  • Process audits
  • Material handling and IT systems upgrades
  • Product slotting modeling
  • Energy savings studies
  • Productivity enhancements based on best practices
  • Engineered standards
  • Labor management programs
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs) development

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