3PL Selection and Implementation for Retail

3PL Selection and Implementation for Retail

Considering 3PL services for Supply Chain Management?

Outsourcing distribution operations to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider can offer valuable advantages and opportunities. It is also a complex endeavor with far-reaching effects. The right 3PL can provide a retail business with the flexibility it needs to develop new products, expand capabilities and add markets. A 3PL that doesn’t meet performance standards can adversely impact customer service levels, hinder business growth, or worse.

Sedlak’s experts have helped numerous retailers in a variety of markets determine whether to insource or outsource their distribution operations and leverage their 3PL relationships to maximize efficiencies and improve customer service at the right cost.

The Sedlak Advantage: Unmatched Expertise in Retail Facility and Operations Planning and Remarkable Knowledge of the 3PL Industry

Our expertise in retail distribution operations combines with our broad knowledge of 3PL providers in the retail space to enable our clients to make decisions around outsourcing and readily navigate the 3PL landscape.

In-House versus 3PL: For retailers considering in-house versus 3PL for their distribution operations, Sedlak’s experts assist with comparing the costs/benefits of this critical decision by analyzing business objectives, core competencies and distribution requirements to arrive at a go-forward recommendation. We can also help a retail business decide which aspects of its distribution operation are most suited to outsourcing.

3PL Performance: Sedlak’s 3PL assessment process benchmarks existing 3PL performance against stringent metrics to determine whether you are receiving the quality, cost-effective service you deserve.

Selection: If outsourcing some or all of your distribution operations to a 3PL is the right path, or if it’s time to seek a new 3PL provider, Sedlak provides professional guidance at every turn. Our experts clearly define the third-party support requirements and manage the bid process to enable a successful partnership. Once the right 3PL is identified, our expert advisors will establish a framework for success—and help you achieve it over time. For more complex facilities, our professionals work with the 3PL provider to develop a facility and operations design that will meet your needs at the right cost.

Insourcing: We also help retail clients that seek to reverse their outsourcing and bring distribution operations back in-house through our facility and operations planning and design services and related services.

Retail Client 3PL Consulting Services

  • Core competency reviews
  • Outsourcing assessments
  • 3PL structure and relationship design
  • Operational criteria development
  • 3PL selection management
  • Contract preparation and negotiation
  • Transition planning
  • Implementation oversight
  • 3PL performance audits
  • Operations and productivity improvements
  • Facility and material handling systems design and upgrades
  • IT systems upgrades
  • Insourcing assistance

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Sedlak has integrated our deep retail distribution experience and knowledge of the 3PL industry to help retail clients of all manner and size understand the outsourcing decision. Our experts help by guiding retail companies through 3PL-managed distribution—from selection to assessment to upgrades. Please fill out our contact form below, and a Sedlak professional will be in touch shortly to discuss your retail 3PL needs.  

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