3PL Selection and Implementation

3PL Selection and Implementation

Could your warehouse and distribution operations benefit from outsourcing? Is your current 3PL provider meeting your expectations?

Outsourcing distribution operations to a third-party logistics provider (3PL) is a complex decision. It can create flexibility to add new products, markets and capabilities, while allowing you to focus on your core business; however, it also creates risk that can significantly impact customer service levels and business growth.

3PL Selection and Implementation Services

Our expert analysis of your business objectives and distribution requirements will enable you to compare the cost/benefits of in-house versus third party logistics operations. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

    •   Core competency reviews and outsourcing assessments
    •   3PL structure and relationship design
    •   3PL selection process execution and management
    •   3PL contract preparation and negotiation
    •   3PL transition and implementation planning
    •   3PL implementation oversight
    •   3PL performance audits
    •   In-sourcing assistance (recapturing functions to be brought in-house)

We can also help you precisely define facility and operational criteria – including layout, processes, equipment and systems – to smoothly integrate your distribution operations with an appropriate 3PL solution.

3PL Provider Assessment and Management

If you are currently utilizing a 3PL provider, we can perform an operations assessment to ensure that you are getting the most cost-effective service and assist you in finding a new provider if needed. We also work directly with 3PL providers to help them improve their facilities and operations to better serve their clients.

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