Having critical financial and operational data will ensure that your company has the data necessary to operate as effectively as possible. That’s why Easy Metrics developed their OpsFM (Operations Financial Management) platform. With Sedlak’s help, Ferguson has successfully implemented OpsFM in several facilities across their network.

Operations financial management is a new way of leveraging your labor management data. “With operations final management, we’ve taken the labor management data, which is traditionally more of an industrial engineering data set, and we’ve converted it into a financial model to really give you deep insights into your business and where cost and performance opportunities are,” says Dan Keto, President of Easy Metrics.

Easy Metrics and Ferguson joined Sedlak to discuss performance optimization through data analytics in this video, which is a recorded session from the Supply Chain Agility 2022 Virtual Conference. It was moderated by Sedlak Vice President Tim Harlan, and the panelists included:

In this video, you will learn how implementing financial analytics with a labor management system will highlight areas of opportunity and optimize employee retention. This solution can be in place in 90-120 days.

The topics covered in the video include:

Click here to watch the full video featuring Easy Metrics, Ferguson and Sedlak Supply Chain Consultants.

Easy Metrics, Ferguson and Sedlak