GTP, or Goods to Person, is a different way of thinking about warehouse picking that moves items to workers rather than workers to items. It cuts down on fatigue, mistakes, and overhead. There are many systems available for all sizes and types of warehouses and businesses, but the general idea is the same. In a GTP system, orders are entered or retrieved from a central database such as an ERP system. Then, automated equipment finds the items in the warehouse, retrieves them, checks them out of inventory, and moves them to the picking area.

This video is a recorded session of the Supply Chain Agility 2022 Virtual Conference. Moderated by Dave Gealy, Director of Client Services at Sedlak Supply Chain Consultants, our trusted partner, Swisslog, along with their client, Ahold Delhaize, provide an overview of GTP technology, how Ahold Delhaize went through the GTP selection process from initial investigation of GTPs through integration into their operations. This video highlights lessons learned, the timeframe from evaluation through the successful fully operational system, and the ultimate benefits achieved.

Panelists include:

In the video, the panelists discuss Ahold Delhaize’s implementation of the GTP eGrocery System in an E-commerce Fulfillment Center Project servicing the GIANT Company Brand in Philadelphia, PA.

The topics covered include:

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