Sedlak maintains relationships with a number of key suppliers, which include integrators, third party logistics providers, and providers of material handling equipment and storage media, information technology, robotics, real estate, and construction.

We work with these suppliers in order to keep our staff abreast of vendor capabilities, product offerings, industry news, and to obtain competitive pricing for our clients. One way we keep up to date is with educational Lunch & Learn sessions for Sedlak’s consulting staff.

Here are the suppliers that hosted Lunch & Learn sessions at Sedlak last year.

Ricoh Electronics

Ricoh Electronics, Inc., Ricoh’s U.S. manufacturing subsidiary, plays a vital role in helping Ricoh achieve and sustain its reputation for high-quality toner, thermal media products and solutions, inkjet and production printer products, and recycled toner cartridges. Ricoh has been an industry leader in the thermal paper business for more than three decades.

Ricoh’s presentation focused on their Laser Rewritable Labeling System. Whereas conventional labeling requires labels to be disposed as information is updated, the Laser Rewritable Labeling System makes both human- and machine-readable real time information rewritten and erased up to 1,000 times without removing the label.

Saddle Creek Logistics

Saddle Creek is a third-party logistics provider that specializes in designing and delivering omni-channel logistics solutions for manufacturers, retailers and ecommerce companies. Like Sedlak, Saddle Creek is a family-owned company, and it has 55 years of consecutive revenue growth. Saddle Creek offers fulfillment, warehousing and transportation services as stand-alone offerings or as part of an integrated logistics solution. They also offer a host of value-added services such as packaging, kitting, display building, embroidery and engraving.

Saddle Creek discussed their services with us and shared several case studies where they strategically applied technology to ensure efficient, accurate and cost-effective operations.

Kenco Group

Kenco is the largest woman-owned third-party logistics (3PL) company in the United States. They provide integrated logistics solutions that include distribution and ecommerce fulfillment, comprehensive transportation management services, material handling equipment services, engineering and innovation consulting, and information technology—all engineered for Operational Excellence. They use drones with the goal of providing real-time information regarding inventory.

TREW Automation

TREW provides automated material handling solutions for integrators and end users, including Warehouse Execution Systems (WES), Warehouse Control Systems (WCS), PLC- and server-based machine controls, motorized driven roller (MDR) conveyor and services such as concepting, engineering, technical support, parts, field service, and training. TREW gave Sedlak an overview of their Technology Solutions, Trusted Partnerships, Implementation Process, and the Support they offer their clients. They provided insight into their Solutions Architecture, including the SMARTMOVES-WX Warehouse Execution System, CHAMP WAREHOUSE CONTROL SYSTEM, and PLC SYSTEM CONTROLS and gave an overview of a recent project in which they designed an Integrated Returns Facility.

2C Conveyor Systems

2C Conveyor Systems was formed to provide superior customer service and support to the material handling industry. They specialize in conveyor systems but consult on any products within the four walls of a distribution center. 2C Conveyer Systems’ services include Retail, E-commerce, Wholesale, 3PL, and Warehousing; but what really sets them apart is their client-centered approach and focus on their Core Principles of Ownership, Fairness, Understanding, Adaptability, and Transparency.


Tecsys, headquartered in Montreal, is a global provider of transformative supply chain solutions that equip growing organizations with industry-leading services and tools to achieve operational greatness. Tecsys started out as a supply chain company but shifted their focus to innovative technology system-directed processes. Over 1,000 clients use Tecsys’ WMS, transportation management, order management, and other supply chain solutions today. Tecsys has a large footprint in Healthcare and Pharmacy as well as many Retail-based industries. Like any customer-focused business, they focus on their clients’ ability to drive online revenue, reduce fulfillment costs, and ready themselves for future growth.


Thruvision is the leading provider of next-generation people security screening technology. Using patented “Passive Terahertz Technology,” Thruvision cameras are uniquely capable of detecting metallic and non-metallic threats including weapons, explosives, and contraband items that are hidden under clothing, at distances up to 10m, simply by detecting blocked body heat. Thruvision’s Vice President of Solutions Consulting provided a demonstration of how this technology can help to deter and prevent theft of items such as clothing at retail and fashion apparel facilities, for example.


The BEUMER Group is an international leader in the manufacture of intralogistics systems for conveying, loading, palletizing, packaging, sortation, and distribution. The BEUMER Group provides their customers with high-quality system solutions and an extensive customer support network around the globe and across a wide range of industries, including bulk materials and piece goods, food/non-food, construction, mail order, post, and airport baggage handling.

Sedlak associates learned all about the BEUMER Group Pouch System. The BG Pouch System can be installed in unused overhead space where single items can be buffered, sorted and sequenced to automate the order handling and returns processes. With a capacity of over 10,000 items/hour and its vast combination of benefits, logistics operators can achieve handling with very few manual item touches. The result is a higher throughput and very little use of floor-space.

Berkshire Grey

Berkshire Grey offers game-changing solutions that combine AI and Robotics to automate omni-channel fulfillment for retailers, eCommerce, and logistics enterprises serving today’s connected consumers. Berkshire Grey discussed their flexible, modular, scalable solutions across DC, MFC, and back of store. Examples of these solutions include robotic pick & sort, robotic pick & pack, robotic induction, and mobile robotic automation.


Körber uniquely provides a broad range of proven, end-to-end supply chain solutions fitting any business size, strategy or appetite for growth. They have a portfolio that includes software, automation, mail and parcel solutions, voice solutions, robotics, and materials handling – plus the expertise to tie it all together. Körber’s presentation focused on adding value and use cases with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and Voice.


Brightpick revolutionizes fulfillment by enabling 3PLs, eCommerce retailers and online grocers to fully automate their order picking in weeks. Brightpick is the only integrated AMR-based Goods-to-Robot solution on the market, delivering the highest level of automation and efficiency while maintaining fully-flexible operations with no single point of failure.

Brightpick’s presentation focused on fully automated, flexible fulfillment including “each picking” order fulfillment and Brightpick solution components and benefits.

TZA Labor Management Software

TZA has been at the forefront of providing full-service labor management technology for 35+ years. Their software and service options are designed to fit their clients’ labor strategy and budget, with payback anticipated in less than six months. TZA’s presentation focused on their ProTrack software, which leads the market in performance management transformation and has over 30,000 end users.

6 River Systems

6 River Systems (6RS) is an industry-leading solutions provider working to make fulfillment faster with innovative products that generate immediate and lasting value for their customers. Through a combination of collaborative robots, artificial intelligence and operational expertise, 6RS makes the entire fulfillment workflow more efficient. Their flexible, easy-to-deploy solution creates a work environment that makes it easier to attract, train and retain associates, while powerful software delivers actionable insights that enable businesses to quickly adapt or scale to meet changes in demand. 6RS presented on wall-to-wall fulfillment solutions and how Sedlak clients can benefit from 6RS.

Since 1958, Sedlak has prided itself on using cutting-edge technologies and processes, and we continue to stay ahead of the curve to identify the best possible solutions for our clients. To find out how we can make your company successful, contact Client Executive Ryan Prahler at

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