As a supply chain professional, you need to better understand how current automation movements can impact your business. Automation in the Supply Chain from Processes to Robotics, which is a recorded session from Sedlak’s 2023 virtual event series, Balancing People, Systems and Automation, looks at which processes are being automated within the supply chain, as well as the importance of data, and the impact automation will have across your supply chain and organization.

In this session, Tecsys and their client Murdoch’s joined Sedlak to discuss the exponentially growing trend of automating to reduce costs, improve service and reduce the reliance on labor. What does this trend mean from an information system perspective? Supply chains have been bringing an increased amount of automation to their workflows and processes including Procure to Pay and Order to Cash, making back office roles more meaningful. Leaning on more data and machine computations to run processes while working alongside humans allows for more automated supply chain functions and actual automated hardware (AMRs, AGVs, GTP etc.).

The session was moderated by Sedlak Vice President Lou Cerny, and the panelists included:

The speakers provided an overview of each business, and then they discussed topics including:

The session concluded with the speakers answering a number of discussion questions.

Click on the image below to watch the full video featuring Tecsys, Murdoch’s and Sedlak Supply Chain Consultants.

Balancing People, Systems and Automation, the virtual event series hosted by Sedlak this year, was designed to help you achieve balance within your supply chain and distribution operations. Each event covered a portion of this challenge and provided insight, case studies, lessons learned and recommendations from industry-leading suppliers, their customers and Sedlak staff. The 90-minute events started in June and concluded in September. Contact Client Executive Ryan Prahler at to make sure you’re invited to our 2024 virtual event series!