It is our pleasure to announce the following promotions and congratulate each of these Sedlak associates on their achievements!

Rob Bober, Manager. Rob joined Sedlak in 2013. He has 25 years of supply chain experience with optimization, productivity improvement and cost reduction in the manufacturing environment. In addition to normal project delivery support, Rob is our resident subject matter expert for Easy Metrics and has successfully implemented 19 projects for several clients.

Julie Stroberg, Manager. Julie joined Sedlak in 1996 as a Marketing Analyst and made a successful transition to consulting. Her area of expertise is implementation of warehouse management systems; she has worked in all phases of software implementation and specializes in requirements definition, testing and training.

Daniel Hyla, Senior Consultant. Daniel joined Sedlak in 2021. In his tenure he has been instrumental with facility design and warehouse management system work. Prior to joining Sedlak, Daniel was an engineer working in the A/E/C Industry with focus on facility design.

Laney Pierani, Senior Consultant. Laney joined Sedlak in 2021 and brought four years of experience with logistic, transportation and data analysis. Her areas of expertise include data management, route design and planning using Appian and Ortec, transportation KPIs, and WMOS testing and implementation.

Jack Shough, Senior Consultant. Jack joined Sedlak in 2021. Prior to Sedlak, he had four years of experience with logistics, warehouse operations and transportation. He has become engaged with WMS testing, script writing for test scenarios and progress reporting.

Jake Snider, Senior Consultant. Jake joined Sedlak in 2021. In his current role, he is responsible for data analysis, facility design and implementation. Prior to Sedlak, Jake was employed as a Process Improvement and IE Manager.

John Washburn, Senior Consultant. John started with Sedlak in 2021. He is a seasoned veteran with experience spanning across all channels of the supply chain arena. John has a demonstrated record of success in increasing organizational efficiency and enhancing productivity in distribution operations.

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