If you went to ProMat in Chicago this spring, you saw hundreds of robots performing distribution tasks including storage, retrieval, pick assist and sortation. At Sedlak, we are fortunate to be brought up to speed on these technologies on a regular basis when vendors schedule a lunch hour with us to demonstrate their offerings and discuss their recent work.  Five very different warehouse robotics applications were demonstrated during Lunch & Learns this spring.

Locus Robotics introduced us to their family of robots, Origin, Max and Vector, each of which is suited to a different distribution task.

Tompkins Robotics demonstrated their very flexible robotic sortation system which featured cross belt or tilt tray bots running on expandable tabletop and sorting to takeaway bots.

Tompkins Robotics

AutoStore presented some recent applications of their space efficient, goods to person, storage and retrieval system.


Mujin Corp. presented the MujinController as well as their TruckBot, an autonomous robot that can unload both truck trailers and shipping containers at a rate of up to 1,000 cases per hour.

Mujin Corp TruckBot

Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products presented Resindek industrial engineered flooring panels, which have the proven structural integrity to support rolling pallet jack loads from 2,000 – 8,000 lbs and AGV and AMR rolling loads from 500 – 6,000 lbs.


Interested in learning how robotics in warehousing might benefit your operation? Contact Sedlak’s Client Executive Ryan Prahler to schedule a discussion about warehouse robotics.

Robotics vendors