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Large Academic Healthcare Institution

The client is one of the largest academic institutions in the U.S., specializing in advanced biomedical research and graduate-level education in healthcare and the life sciences. It operates multiple patient care facilities, including nationally ranked hospitals. 

Project Objectives/Challenges

This large, diversified academic organization needed a system-wide internal distribution network redesign. Distribution activities from all of the academic organization campus locations had been localized to each campus, and the client wanted all campuses to work together collectively to define efficiencies, reduce street truck volume, standardize operations, and capitalize on volume discounts.

What Sedlak Did

Reviewed all existing shipping/distribution processes and considered any additional shipping requirements and improvements for each campus.

Evaluated the costs and benefits of several alternative methods for acquisition of these services while identifying existing opportunities to consolidate and streamline the existing multiple and independent distribution networks.

Performed extensive analysis on current state and potential future state design(s).


The client was given a best-in-class internal logistics solution represented by normalized distribution models.

Sedlak provided a cost-effective and efficient program for inbound and outbound mail and parcel shipments while maintaining high standards of quality and service.

A detailed implementation plan reduced operating costs and improved processes for all inbound/outbound shipment at all campuses.

Our recommendations included a plan to consolidate delivery activity, prioritize operation business, utilize an extended fleet for peak situations, and progress toward sustainability goals through substantial fleet mileage reductions.

We recommended warehouse operations improvements and related material handling infrastructure that allowed the academic organization to take on additional parcel volume.

Overall, recommendations were projected to achieve over $1 million in operating cost savings.

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