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Fresh Mark, Inc.

Fresh Mark provides quality hams, deli meats, sausages and other products through the Sugardale Foods and Superior's Brand Meats divisions.

Project Objectives/Challenges

Fresh Mark wanted to understand the utilization and operating costs of its private fleet, with consideration for potential fleet reductions or outsourcing. Additionally, management sought to identify capacity constraints in its distribution network and optimize product flows to gain efficiencies.

What Sedlak Did

Analyzed fleet routes (by day, by trailer) to assess feasibility of fleet reduction/outsourcing

Evaluated process and scheduling alternatives in consideration of Canton DC/Shipping building

Proposed conveyor bridge concept to connect facilities on Massillon campus to reduce product handling and labor requirements

Developed and presented improvement opportunities in labor utilization, material handling equipment, plant floor space utilization, and product throughput (inventory and order cycle)

Identified complex connections between various elements of Fresh Mark’s logistics flow


Proved viability of a 50% reduction in the fleet – particularly trailers

Provided optimal new equipment concepts and layouts to reduce product touches and related labor costs

Identified additional improvement opportunities that could be considered with the development of a master campus plan to balance efficiencies across functions and locations

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