Retail Inventory Planning and Optimization

Retail Inventory Planning and Optimization

Improved inventory management and optimization

Inventory control is obviously a crucial component in effective supply chain management, and in today’s consumer-driven, multi-channel environment many retailers face an internal struggle over investment and carrying costs versus stock-outs and lost sales. Retailers need to guarantee every item in every location every day to maintain their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Sedlak’s inventory planning experts assist clients with striking the optimal balance between inventory and service levels at the lowest cost. We also enable better inventory practices within the distribution center and across the logistics network to streamline operations and improve order fulfillment. 

The Sedlak Advantage: A Holistic Approach to Inventory Optimization 

Sedlak employs proven methods and tools to enable retail industry goals of “right product, right place, right time” requirements while minimizing costs. Our experts enable clients to develop strategies to soften the impacts of unpredictable demand, supply shortages and lead times, as well as improve inventory flow (“push” vs. “pull”).

We enable clients to balance inventory investment and desired service levels, and utilize information system capabilities to improve planning performance and tracking accuracy. Our analysts have expertise to determine the ideal flow of product, best stocking levels and locations, and overall supply chain enhancement.

As an end-to-end distribution and logistics advisory firm, Sedlak addresses inventory as an integral component of the retail supply chain to enable balanced optimization for our clients.

Retail Inventory Planning and Optimization Services

  • Inventory opportunity assessments
  • Service level policy development and management
  • Forecasting and demand planning
  • Right-sizing initiatives
  • Inventory accuracy and systems utilization process improvements
  • Deployment planning
  • OS&D reconciliation and disposition
  • Management tool selection and implementation

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