Healthcare Provider Supply Chain and Logistics Strategy

Healthcare Provider Supply Chain and Logistics Strategy

Supply chain management and logistics strategy 

Healthcare providers are the “retailers” in the healthcare value chain, but with an ever more complicated and dynamic store front. As providers approach cost efficiencies through economics of scale via acquisitions and other distributed means of care, the movements of material become more complex and costly. Whether a large IDN or a smaller provider system, material, inventory and distribution costs are generally the second highest cost category behind labor.

Devising and implementing a sound strategy takes deep experience in every aspect of the healthcare supply chain—from projecting future business requirements to building vendor relationships to making positive changes in receiving and storage processes, inventory levels, product flow, transportation strategies and more.

Leading healthcare companies turn to the supply chain and logistics experts at Sedlak to support their cost efficiencies, competitive advantages and business growth all while maintaining or improving patient outcomes.

Unsurpassed Expertise in Supply Chain and Logistics Strategy Development 

With increasing regulations, shrinking margins, physician preference items, changing technologies and expanding footprints, healthcare supply chain and logistics challenges are complex. Providing high customer service levels while managing costs to maintain business growth and patient care can be a daunting task for healthcare providers. Our strategy experts distill the intricate nuances and complexities of your unique supply chain into straightforward and unbiased go-forward solutions. We combine our decades of experience, insight and success with sophisticated analytic methodologies to provide a clear and objective independent perspective to help you develop a supply chain and logistics strategy to confidently balance cost, quality and outcomes.

Healthcare Supply Chain and Logistics Strategy Services

  • Current and future supply chain evaluation
  • Statistical development and strategic analysis
  • Inventory allocation and flow strategies
  • Vendor relationship management
  • Technology and capital investment business case development
  • Long-range forecasting

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