Healthcare Provider Material Handling Solutions

Healthcare Provider Material Handling Solutions

From manual processes to automation and robotics Sedlak finds the right way to handle materials in your operation

Healthcare providers must maintain high standards in the safe and secure storage and handling of the important products they distribute. Advances in technologies are continually changing the cost/benefit scenario for automated material handling solutions within provider environments, especially considering the challenges with labor shortages and the benefits of improved and validated security and activity tracing. 

The need for reliability, efficiency and flexibility at a manageable cost in the healthcare supply chain requires judicious application of mechanization and automation. Determining when and how that investment is justified and finding the right solutions for your needs can be challenging for most providers, especially in retrofit environments.

Sedlak’s nearly 60 years of experience in distribution-intensive environments positions its healthcare clients to benefit from technologies that have already proven effective in applications for many of the same challenges in other industries. Healthcare providers trust Sedlak to find pragmatic solutions to meet their current and future operations requirements, enable improved customer service and efficiencies, and provide a satisfying return on investment.

Innovative and Sensible Material Handling Solutions

Sedlak’s material handling systems design and implementation goes hand-in-hand with our facility and operations design services. We specialize in independent, unbiased solutions that focus on overall process improvement—not just technology. Our recommendations are based on detailed data analysis and deep distribution experience, and are tailored to your unique business needs. Our engineered drawings and attention to detail minimize vendor change orders and streamline the implementation process, resulting in solutions that fit your needs perfectly.

Sedlak maintains professional industry relationships to stay on top of industry trends and encourage competitive pricing in vendor bidding; however, we do not profit from equipment sales or receive any financial incentives from vendors, so you can be assured that our experts are working only for your best interests.

Our on-site project management services provide you with the security of knowing that the equipment will be installed, thoroughly tested and operational, without any disruption to your ongoing operations.

Healthcare Provider Material Handling Solutions Services

  • Material handling systems design, including automated guided vehicles (AGV), Automated Dispensing Systems (ADS), carousel systems, and modular multi-shuttle Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)
  • Security and environmental controls, including all controlled substances and temperature control ranges
  • Economic analysis, including ROI, capital estimating and budgeting
  • Engineered layout drawings and specifications development
  • Simulation modeling
  • Competitive bid management and vendor evaluation
  • Transition planning
  • Training coordination
  • Installation project management

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