3PL Provider Facility and Operations Planning and Design Consulting Services

3PL Provider Facility and Operations Planning and Design Consulting Services

Delivering Remarkable Experience in 3PL provider facility and operations planning and design consulting services, helping 3PL providers improve their service delivery and boost revenues.

Deploying a new distribution center, or retrofitting and existing facility, is an exceptionally complex and formidable project. For 60 years, Sedlak has built its reputation in designing facilities for retail, multi-channel and wholesale operations. Facility planning and design continues to be the “sweet spot” of our business. We thoroughly understand the challenges of today’s fast-paced, consumer-driven, multi-channel retail and wholesale environments and provide distribution facility and operations solutions that deliver remarkable results.

Our facility and operations design services for 3PL providers include detailed recommendations for conducting facility and operational analyses, including on-site reviews of current facilities and operations; data analysis; and development of recommendations and actionable plans.

For 3PL providers, Sedlak’s facility planning and design consulting services include analysis and recommendations for:

  • Conceptual design of new and/or existing facilities
  • Material handling systems design
  • Operations process flowcharting
  • IT support systems design
  • Economic analysis with ROI reporting
  • Capital estimating and budgeting
  • Systems specifications and RFP development
  • Simulation modeling
  • Competitive bid management evaluation
  • Transition planning
  • Implementation project management
  • RFP support for 3PL bids to customers

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