Automating Warehouses and Distribution Centers to Reduce Your Dependence on Labor

Today’s growth in e-commerce fulfillment is converging with record full employment levels and a diminishing skilled labor workforce. As a result, retailers, wholesalers, and industrial distributors are looking for creative ways to reduce their dependence on labor. This situation has spurred a renewed interest in warehouse automation and robotics and the systems that drive these solutions.

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Bring the Goods to the Worker: What You Should Know About Goods-to-Person Fulfillment

Distribution executives are increasingly looking for more efficient solutions to minimize wasted time between picks and increase the number of orders processed per person. Not surprisingly, many of them are embracing a goods-to-person fulfillment approach to achieve higher efficiencies.

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Optimizing Transportation’s Spend and Impact: Four Fundamental Steps

The complexities of transportation cause many companies to treat this segment of the supply chain as an afterthought. Even very sophisticated operations sometimes address transportation in a silo, inadvertently neglecting the significant cost savings and performance improvement they could achieve with a broader perspective.  In this paper, we explore why managing transportation holistically is critical to overall business performance and review four key actions companies can take to get the most from this critical area of the business.

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Demystifying Freight Spend: How Shippers Can Get a Better Handle on Their Carriers

Transportation is a critical element of a company's overall supply chain and plays a major role in customer satisfaction. But it's also a major cost center. This makes effective management of transportation all the more vital to a company's profitability. However, carrier rates and other charges can be incredibly complex, making it extremely difficult for a shipper to truly know what it's paying--and why.

Effectively controlling freight spend starts with identifying some of the key pricing components of shipping contracts, and then understanding how to work with carriers to avoid the worst of rate increases.Dennis Heppner, Sedlak's transportation practice lead, walks shippers through both in this whitepaper.

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The Ghosts of Christmas Past: How Retailers Can Avoid a Repeat of 2015’s Challenging Holiday Season

It’s not easy being a successful retailer on “normal” days.  During the intense holiday season, sometimes simply surviving can be seen as a major victory.  One of the biggest challenges is ensuring a smooth product flow, whether to stores or customers’ homes, to avoid leaving customers unhappy during this important time of the year.  In this paper, we explore a number of near-term and long-term moves retailers can make to eliminate or minimize holiday season fulfillment headaches and ensure their supply chain is up to the task.  

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Found Money: How to Clean up Preference Cards to Cut Inventory Spend and Boost Margins

Heightened cost pressures continue to force hospitals to look for ways to reduce wasted spend. In fact, in a recent survey, hospital executives said finding cost savings to meet their current-year objectives is one of their top challenges. In this whitepaper, we explore how the supply chain—more specifically, inventory and order management processes—is a natural place to look for savings.

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Structuring the Supply Chain for Growth: Helping Medical Products Manufacturers Thrive

Widespread disruptive change in the healthcare industry is forcing medical product manufacturers to take a fresh, critical look at how their supply chain networks must respond to cost pressures and shifting patterns of supply and demand. In this whitepaper, we explore the overarching trends that are upending the healthcare supply chain; why a formal network design capability is becoming essential to medical product manufacturers’ competitiveness and growth; and how manufacturers can develop a strategic design capability to position themselves for success.

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