How to Handle the New Normal in 3 Steps

So far, Sedlak and several of our clients have been experiencing the effects of the “New Normal” on the supply chain and taking steps to mitigate them. Three of these migitation steps include (1) strategy, (2) project activities & communications, and (3) operational design. The following illustrations using Clients X, Y, and Z, are examples of selected mitigation strategies.

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Modular Construction and Its Impact on Supply Chain

We’re all seeing how modular construction is becoming more and more of a requirement on many job sites. It makes sense: contractors pre-assemble components in a controlled manufacturing environment, which improves quality, and delivers them to the project ready-to-install. It protects the project schedule from weather delays and waiting for parts to arrive, and ultimately provides a lower on-site labor cost. This practice has become more and more popular, and now companies are adopting it for their manufacturing and distribution facilities. Modular construction is the future of supply chain, and contractors and suppliers must adapt now to stay ahead of the curve.

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Finding the Right TMS for an International Shipper

When selecting a TMS, it is paramount to partner with one that best fits your needs to realize that ROI.  Organizations with a low domestic freight spend but high international shipment volume need a Tier 1 TMS. However, the justification behind a purchase of a TMS located in the upper right quadrant of the Gartner graph below is not always there for organizations that have this type of global presence. Why? Here are two driving factors:

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How to Cut Costs and Conflict When Choosing a TMS

TMS is hot right now, and it has shippers and 3PLs excited. Competition among top TMS providers and new entrants have yielded better tools and reduced product costs. That means the cost of a right-fit TMS will be justifiable for shippers and 3PLs. Unfortunately, several factors can prevent clients from getting the best deal on their new TMS.

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Time is Running Out to Deploy Automated Pop-up Micro-fulfillment Facilities

If your business is preparing for the common holiday peak, time is running out to take the proper measures. Using a few familiar concepts, we can help quickly deploy a flexible, effective solution that will assist a number of our clients as they face so many unknowns in 2020 and into 2021.

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Making the Leap to Manhattan Active WM with Sedlak

Sedlak Supply Chain Consultants has paved the way for enterprise-level companies to select, implement and execute Manhattan Associates’ new cloud-native WMS with Manhattan Active Warehouse Management.

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Have You Adapted to the “New Normal”?

The world has been turned upside down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The global economy is in a tailspin and the prediction of a quick recovery is becoming less likely as mention of a “new normal” begins to dominate the headlines. But what will “new normal” look like? How does a Supply Chain leader filter through the minutia of information overload? 

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Transform Your Network into an Agile Supply Chain

The modern supply chain has never experienced a crisis quite like the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s rare to see countrywide company shutdowns. For your business to respond quickly and effectively, there are things you must do NOW to optimize your network into an agile supply chain. There is also data you need to warehouse for future business continuity. Fortunately, you can take action using the resources you already have.

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How to Implement an LMS in Under 120 Days

If you are faced with the challenges of finding and keeping a motivated labor force, all while reducing costs and meeting executive expectations for 2020, time is not your friend.

These labor challenges have been exacerbated further by the COVID-19 outbreak, making it critical for your business to take action and prepare for the demand and labor challenges that will come once the crisis is behind us.

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LMS Implementation Costs and Schedule

You’ve just been tasked by your COO with the responsibility of selecting and implementing a labor management system as part of your supply chain operation. What do you do? Where should you start? Should you use your WMS provider’s solution or look for another vendor’s solution? These questions and many more will inevitably continue throughout your journey!

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