Patrick Sedlak quoted on CMMS solutions in Modern Materials Handling Magazine

Patrick Sedlak, Principal at Sedlak Supply Chain Consultants, was quoted in a recent article on the Modern Materials Handling website. In an article titled "Single Source of Truth with Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)" by Roberto Michel, Sedlak was asked for his thoughts on whether DCs should use one CMMS or two.


Some DCs might have to use two CMMS solutions—one for general facility maintenance and another one for materials handling equipment. Leveraging different systems is not necessarily wrong, says Patrick S. Sedlak, a principal with Sedlak Supply Chain Consultants, and is often an outgrowth of having two maintenance groups—one for warehouse equipment and one for building upkeep.

The two worlds do intersect, notes Sedlak, especially when it comes to ensuring reliable electric supply to the materials handling automation. Also, adds Sedlak, within the realm of materials handling systems, it’s best to consolidate key data such as work orders and spare parts use, even if multiple parties are involved. “You do certainly need to roll that type of data up and keep track of what’s going on,” he says.

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