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Have You Adapted to the “New Normal”?

The world has been turned upside down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The global economy is in a tailspin and the prediction of a quick recovery is becoming less likely as mention of a “new normal” begins to dominate the headlines. But what will “new normal” look like? How does a Supply Chain leader filter through the minutia of information overload? 

Read full post  |  Posted by David Gealy, Client Executive on 05.06.20

Transform Your Network into an Agile Supply Chain

The modern supply chain has never experienced a crisis quite like the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s rare to see countrywide company shutdowns. For your business to respond quickly and effectively, there are things you must do NOW to optimize your network into an agile supply chain. There is also data you need to warehouse for future business continuity. Fortunately, you can take action using the resources you already have.

Read full post  |  Posted by Mark Vickers, Client Executive on 03.25.20

How to Implement an LMS in Under 120 Days

If you are faced with the challenges of finding and keeping a motivated labor force, all while reducing costs and meeting executive expectations for 2020, time is not your friend.

These labor challenges have been exacerbated further by the COVID-19 outbreak, making it critical for your business to take action and prepare for the demand and labor challenges that will come once the crisis is behind us.

Read full post  |  Posted by Louis J. Cerny, Vice President on 03.16.20

LMS Implementation Costs and Schedule

You’ve just been tasked by your COO with the responsibility of selecting and implementing a labor management system as part of your supply chain operation. What do you do? Where should you start? Should you use your WMS provider’s solution or look for another vendor’s solution? These questions and many more will inevitably continue throughout your journey!

Read full post  |  Posted by Tim J. Harlan, Director of Client Services on 03.02.20

Utilizing Change Management to Ensure Labor Management Success

If the tight labor market and increased demand for improved customer service are a constant challenge, a labor management system (LMS) can help to mitigate these issues. A successful LMS can be secured through a properly designed and integrated change management program. 

Read full post  |  Posted by Louis J. Cerny, Vice President on 02.20.20

Q&A: Labor Management…Works!

Every company seeks maximum return on investment, and labor is one of the most expensive assets in a distribution center. A labor management system (LMS) is an integral part of realizing the maximum benefit of both the people and technologies in a distribution operation. 

Read full post  |  Posted by Louis J. Cerny, Vice President on 06.26.17

Managing Change - IDN Summit 2016

A need for industry-wide change management competencies to counter the ever-shifting demands in healthcare was a key focal point at the Fall IDN Summit held September 19-21 in Phoenix.

Read full post  |  Posted by on 11.01.16

Change Management: A Critical Component of Project Success

Sedlak consultant Lisa Betts recently completed certification in change management with Change Guides. She provides some of her insights from the course in Change Guides' spring newsletter and in today's post.

Read full post  |  Posted by on 06.10.16

Streamline Your WMS Start-Up (Pt. 4)

A tough WMS start-up does not just happen in the two weeks prior to go-live. These scenarios are caused by inadequate pre-planning from the very beginning, and poor project management. In part four of this series we discuss several critical requirements for a successful WMS installation

Read full post  |  Posted by on 04.14.14

Streamline Your WMS Start-Up (Pt. 3)

Some WMS installations have gotten so stalled that they were eventually shelved and abandoned. In part three of this series, we discuss the importance of planning. 

Read full post  |  Posted by on 04.07.14

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