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Crucial Preparations for Optimizing Current- and Future-State Peak Season Performance

Now is the critical time to perform supply chain execution evaluations for peak season planning. Listed below are some recommendations to consider regarding a few key factors influencing 2019 end-of-year performance. Taking action now will allow your company to introduce lessons-learned improvements that are beneficial to 2020 operational performance.

Read full post  |  Posted by Brian R. Neale, Client Executive on 10.21.19

“AUTOmation” Has Positive Impact on New Trade Agreement between U.S. and Mexico

After President Trump’s recent announcement of a preliminary trade agreement between the United States and Mexico, North American manufacturing companies and third-party logistics companies (3PLs) are aggressively looking for long-term ways to reduce costs.

Read full post  |  Posted by Mark Vickers, Client Executive on 09.13.18

Automation to AI – Moving at the Speed of Supply Chain Technology

Technological advances supporting the supply chain are accelerating the pace of change. Don’t assume your business is too small or too set in its ways to benefit. Advice for supply chain executives in any business.

Read full post  |  Posted by Patrick S. Sedlak, Principal on 02.20.18

12 Reasons Why Columbus, Ohio, Should Be Amazon’s Next Headquarters

Sedlak has six decades of experience in retail fulfillment and a long history of partnering with clients on distribution initiatives in central Ohio. We polled our consulting staff and here are 12 reasons why Amazon should select Columbus, Ohio, as its next North American headquarters.

Read full post  |  Posted by Patrick S. Sedlak, Principal on 01.23.18

The Death of Black Friday and the Rise of Grey November

Is Black Friday on its death bed? Although it may not be going away entirely, the impact of Black Friday as a point-in-time event is definitely fading as the idea of “Grey November” gains traction in the retail industry, a trend with significant implications for retail distribution.

Read full post  |  Posted by on 01.16.18

Cold Chain Challenges in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical cold chain is a major part of the supply chain in the healthcare industry, and one that faces some unique logistics challenges even as the value of pharma products continues to rise.

Read full post  |  Posted by Patrick S. Sedlak, Principal on 01.12.18

RFID Advantages Over Barcodes in the Distribution Center

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) offers significant supply chain benefits not provided by traditional barcode labels. Do the advantages make this technology right for your distribution operation?

Read full post  |  Posted by Louis J. Cerny, Vice President on 01.09.18

Shipping Costs: Putting Freight Fuel Efficiency into Context

Long-haul tractor trailers get a bad rap for averaging 7 miles per gallon of diesel, but in context they are more fuel efficient than a Ford F250 pickup, and various innovations are improving fuel economy.

Read full post  |  Posted by on 10.05.17

‘Tis the Season to Battle for Warehouse Labor

Labor is typically among the top operational costs in a distribution center, and the exploding ecommerce demand for warehouse workers is creating a shortage of laborers that is driving up the costs of recruiting, hiring and training for the companies who need them.

Read full post  |  Posted by Louis J. Cerny, Vice President on 09.20.17

In Harvey’s Wake…What’s the Impact on Your Supply Chain?

As Hurricane Harvey continues to pummel major area of Texas and Louisiana, we are rapidly seeing the impacts on supply chains all over the country brought on by port closures, carriers' inability to navigate affected areas, and the destruction of critical infrastructure. Whether or not your business or customers are located in the region, you will feel the effects in your supply chain for weeks or months to come.

Read full post  |  Posted by on 09.01.17

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