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Finding Savings While Improving Service in Healthcare

Sedlak Supply Chain Consultants conducted a Routing Optimization Analysis for MetroHealth in Cleveland, OH to optimize the efficiency of its Integrated Delivery Network (IDN).

Read full post  |  Posted by on 01.04.19

Patrick Sedlak Receives Recognition Award from MHI

Patrick Sedlak recently received an award in recognition of his volunteer role on MHI’s Roundtable Advisory Committee. MHI is the largest material handling, logistics, and supply chain association in the U.S., and it is known for hosting the trade shows Promat and Modex.

Read full post  |  Posted by Senior Management on 11.16.18

Learning New Things in Healthcare Supply Chain

A year and a half ago I came to Sedlak as a 40+ year veteran of the healthcare supply chain. I thought my charge was to teach these Industrial Engineers about healthcare. Instead, I have learned that healthcare is missing opportunities for distribution and logistics cost savings and optimization.

Read full post  |  Posted by on 03.30.18

Lessons from Star Trek: Don’t Neglect Basic Healthcare Supply Chain Functions

As health care organizations focus on improving operations in order to become more efficacious and cost-effective in rendering care, they often focus on big picture initiatives. In doing so, they can overlook opportunities in more mundane places.

Read full post  |  Posted by on 01.19.18

Cold Chain Challenges in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical cold chain is a major part of the supply chain in the healthcare industry, and one that faces some unique logistics challenges even as the value of pharma products continues to rise.

Read full post  |  Posted by Patrick S. Sedlak, Principal on 01.12.18

Meet the Jetsons – Managing Customer Expectations for Home Delivery

Consumer expectations for speed are driving a grand experiment in home delivery (think Amazon Key and Uber delivery), and retailers are scrambling to find ways to develop fast and convenient delivery options that won’t break their bottom line.

Read full post  |  Posted by on 11.14.17

Shipping Costs: Putting Freight Fuel Efficiency into Context

Long-haul tractor trailers get a bad rap for averaging 7 miles per gallon of diesel, but in context they are more fuel efficient than a Ford F250 pickup, and various innovations are improving fuel economy.

Read full post  |  Posted by on 10.05.17

In Harvey’s Wake…What’s the Impact on Your Supply Chain?

As Hurricane Harvey continues to pummel major area of Texas and Louisiana, we are rapidly seeing the impacts on supply chains all over the country brought on by port closures, carriers' inability to navigate affected areas, and the destruction of critical infrastructure. Whether or not your business or customers are located in the region, you will feel the effects in your supply chain for weeks or months to come.

Read full post  |  Posted by on 09.01.17

Transportation Tipping Points in Healthcare Logistics

Transportation costs are defined by volume – aggregating into larger volumes will result in lower costs.  As healthcare companies grow and expand their business, it’s important for them to evaluate where their volumes are. Dennis Heppner explains how there could be a tipping point at which the old shipping model no longer makes sense and another model should be considered.

Read full post  |  Posted by on 01.27.17

Demystifying Freight Spend: How Shippers Can Get a Better Handle on Their Carriers (2 of 2)

Part two of this two-part series examines how shippers can navigate their carrier relationships and more effectively control freight spend, including rate hikes.

Read full post  |  Posted by on 07.26.16

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