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How to Cut Costs and Conflict When Choosing a TMS

TMS is hot right now, and it has shippers and 3PLs excited. Competition among top TMS providers and new entrants have yielded better tools and reduced product costs. That means the cost of a right-fit TMS will be justifiable for shippers and 3PLs. Unfortunately, several factors can prevent clients from getting the best deal on their new TMS.

Read full post  |  Posted by Mark Vickers, Client Executive on 07.01.20

Have You Adapted to the “New Normal”?

The world has been turned upside down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The global economy is in a tailspin and the prediction of a quick recovery is becoming less likely as mention of a “new normal” begins to dominate the headlines. But what will “new normal” look like? How does a Supply Chain leader filter through the minutia of information overload? 

Read full post  |  Posted by David Gealy, Client Executive on 05.06.20

Transform Your Network into an Agile Supply Chain

The modern supply chain has never experienced a crisis quite like the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s rare to see countrywide company shutdowns. For your business to respond quickly and effectively, there are things you must do NOW to optimize your network into an agile supply chain. There is also data you need to warehouse for future business continuity. Fortunately, you can take action using the resources you already have.

Read full post  |  Posted by Mark Vickers, Client Executive on 03.25.20

Crucial Preparations for Optimizing Current- and Future-State Peak Season Performance

Now is the critical time to perform supply chain execution evaluations for peak season planning. Listed below are some recommendations to consider regarding a few key factors influencing 2019 end-of-year performance. Taking action now will allow your company to introduce lessons-learned improvements that are beneficial to 2020 operational performance.

Read full post  |  Posted by Brian R. Neale, Client Executive on 10.21.19

Patrick Sedlak Receives Recognition Award from MHI

Patrick Sedlak recently received an award in recognition of his volunteer role on MHI’s Roundtable Advisory Committee. MHI is the largest material handling, logistics, and supply chain association in the U.S., and it is known for hosting the trade shows Promat and Modex.

Read full post  |  Posted by Senior Management on 11.16.18

Healthcare Supply Chain Security: What Hurricane Maria Taught Us

As Hurricane Maria taught us in Puerto Rico, it’s not enough for healthcare organizations to know who provides their devices, medicines and supplies. Healthcare supply chain security requires knowing where in the world those supplies originate.

Read full post  |  Posted by on 04.09.18

Learning New Things in Healthcare Supply Chain

A year and a half ago I came to Sedlak as a 40+ year veteran of the healthcare supply chain. I thought my charge was to teach these Industrial Engineers about healthcare. Instead, I have learned that healthcare is missing opportunities for distribution and logistics cost savings and optimization.

Read full post  |  Posted by on 03.30.18

Lessons from Star Trek: Don’t Neglect Basic Healthcare Supply Chain Functions

As health care organizations focus on improving operations in order to become more efficacious and cost-effective in rendering care, they often focus on big picture initiatives. In doing so, they can overlook opportunities in more mundane places.

Read full post  |  Posted by on 01.19.18

The Death of Black Friday and the Rise of Grey November

Is Black Friday on its death bed? Although it may not be going away entirely, the impact of Black Friday as a point-in-time event is definitely fading as the idea of “Grey November” gains traction in the retail industry, a trend with significant implications for retail distribution.

Read full post  |  Posted by on 01.16.18

Consolidated Services Centers – Before You Take the Plunge (Part 2 of 2)

A Consolidated Services Center (CSC) can create savings for a healthcare organization if executed well. However, the decision should be well thought out and justified with extensive research and financial modeling as it represents a substantial investment with ongoing requirements. Several experts from the healthcare industry weigh in on the considerations, risks, and benefits.

Read full post  |  Posted by on 10.02.17

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