Delivering Remarkable Experience in healthcare supply chain and logistics strategy.

Healthcare supply chain solutions from Sedlak help providers, distributors and manufacturers optimize current operations, drive cost savings and pursue intelligent growth strategies.

Our consulting expertise helps clients:

  • Determine best practices and processes to support business objectives
  • Maintain targeted service levels and patient outcomes
  • Enable productivity improvements and operational efficiencies
  • Enhance inventory control and security
  • Increase storage densities
  • Facilitate future storage and fulfillment requirements

Healthcare Success Stories

Large Academic Healthcare Institution

Our client, one of the largest academic institutions in the U.S. with multiple research and patient care operations, called on Sedlak to redesign its system-wide internal distribution network.

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Shipping Costs: Putting Freight Fuel Efficiency into Context

Posted by Dennis Heppner, Transportation Lead

Long-haul tractor trailers get a bad rap for averaging 7 miles per gallon of diesel, but in context they are more fuel efficient than a Ford F250 pickup, and various innovations are improving fuel economy.

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Consolidated Services Centers – Before You Take the Plunge (Part 2 of 2)

Posted by Fred Crans, Healthcare Lead

A Consolidated Services Center (CSC) can create savings for a healthcare organization if executed well. However, the decision should be well thought out and justified with extensive research and financial modeling as it represents a substantial investment with ongoing requirements. Several experts from the healthcare industry weigh in on the considerations, risks, and benefits.

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